• Metastyle: Metastyle takes a specific vocabulary in RDF as a seed and generates a skeleton for content publishers or Web designers to create a sharable micro-theme dedicated to this vocabulary.
  • OKeilidh: OKeilidh is an online Web Service (WS) choreography management system, which assists users in editing, publishing and testing WS choreography in the form of Interaction Models (IMs) encoded in XLCC.
  • RDFa²: RDFa² is an on-line service which assists content publishers in multi-topics annotation and multi-contexts annotation using RDFa.
  • OKBook: OKBook is an open online platform for the peer-to-peer community and built on top of the OpenKnowledge system. OKBook provides peers with a platform on which they can publish, discover and (un)subscribe to Interaction Models in accordance with the OpenKnowledge system.
  • ACL-JSONLD-Codec: A codec developed to encode and decode FIPA ACL messages with JSON-LD.
  • node-xlcc: An XLCC interpreter to execute Interaction Models on Node.
  • TravelHub: TravelHUB is a travel tool that connects carbon sense and business benefit. It can balance carbon goals against business travel needs, empowering travellers to make decisions based on the criteria that matter.
  • EcoBusiness: EcoBusiness aims to apply innovative methodologies and new technological tools such as the Multi-Agent Digital Business Ecosystem (MADBE) to improve the position of European SMEs.
  • OpenKnowledge: OpenKnowledge provides a peer-to-peer platform for sharing knowledge, especially in the vision of the Semantic Web which raises the potential to evolve OpenKnowledge into a Web-oriented system.
  • Sindice: Sindice is a Semantic Web index engine for the Web of data and currently one of the most significant components in the Link Data ecosystem.
  • CRAB: CRAB is a semantic-based search engine dedicated to the retrieval of Web documents in Chinese and provides users with human-readable reports which aggregate retrieved information.



  • A Method for Format Transformation of Mobile Widgets and Its Implementation (No. 200810240535.0)